Service Coordinator - 40 hours a week in St. Louis, MO at Volunteers of America

Date Posted: 5/1/2021

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Hopewell Senior Village Apartments-VOA is looking for a Resident Service Coordinator to join the team in St. Louis, MO!

**This is a full time, 8am-5pm position.

Objective: The Resident Service Coordinator is responsible for service management including development of contacts with service providers and agencies for resident referrals, educates residents on available services, and monitors provision of services.


  • Plan and coordinate on-site programs that address the residents’ needs and wants
    • Conduct an annual resident survey to identify the types of programs and services that residents would like offered at the property
    • Develop and implement supportive service programming in collaboration with residents, site staff and local community service providers
    • Initiate programs which promote education, employment, home ownership, and asset development
    • Identify promising programs or opportunities for youth and families in the community, examples include: afterschool and summer programs, career coaching and job training, budgeting workshops, health benefits enrollment and workshops, and community engagement activities
    • Solicit regular resident input for program and service planning
    1. Provide service coordination to meet the needs of residents
      • Enroll the residents in the service coordinator program
      • Conduct initial assessments for all residents enrolled in the service coordinator program
      • Conduct “Benefits Check-Up” to determine the benefits and entitlement programs residents qualify for
      • Routinely assess service needs in response to changing circumstances, i.e. (consulting with residents returning from the hospital/rehabilitation to determine need for additional support)
      • Identify and assess individual and family needs and make referrals to appropriate service providers based on the needs
      • Provide formal case management (i.e., evaluation of health, psychological and social needs, development of an individually tailored case plan for services and periodic reassessment of resident’s situation and needs) for a resident when such services are not available through the general community
      • Establish links with agencies and service providers in the community
      • Identify and provide cost saving opportunities
      • Coordinate the delivery of services with local human service providers
      • Establish goals, track and measure progress
      • Analyze and use resident and program data as the basis for continuous improvement
      • Effectively and creatively communicate with residents (such as by newsletter, flyer, bulletin board, door knocking etc.,) to ensure residents are informed of available resources and programs
      • Maintain all necessary information regarding services to residents in a confidential manner following the regulatory guidance provided by HUD
      • Collaborate and coordinate with property management team to ensure residents remain stably housed and in compliance with lease terms.
      • Provide information, referrals, advocacy and brief/basic counseling
      • Work with residents to set goals, develop plans, make referrals and connect with community service providers
      • Maintain accurate, timely and detailed documentation on casework in accordance with professional ethics and corporate procedures
      • Act as a liaison between community-based social services and housing management staff for the benefit of individual residents
      • Act as an advocate for individual residents to assist with efforts to maintain affordable housing
      • Produce and annually update a directory of important community services for resident use
      • Monitor the delivery of services to residents to ensure they are appropriate, timely and satisfactory
      • Meets with service providers as needed and appropriate
      • Report all suspected abuse situations to the appropriate agency
      • Set up volunteer programs with service organizations and universities in the community
      • Help the residents build informal support networks with other residents, family and friends
      • Motivate individuals to actively participate in on-site activities and services
      • Work with the resident to develop service plans to help address their needs and/or interests identified through the assessments
      • Ensure that all residents have access to a Primary Care Provider
    2. Develop community partnerships to support the needs of the residents
      • Establish partnerships with other public and private agencies such as, but not limited to, social service agencies, religious organizations, educational systems, health systems and primary health providers
      • Develop and maintain services and programs with community providers.
      • Coordinate volunteer participation in the delivery of programs.
      • Identify and solicit contributions and support from the community
    3. Actively participate as a team member
      • Work collaboratively with the property staff
      • Participate in staff meetings and trainings
      • Meet regularly and work as a team member with property manager
      • Participate in ongoing interactions with national staff
    4. Administrative Responsibilities:
      1. Document contact with residents, providers, and families
      2. Maintain individual files on residents
      3. Complete reports, with copies given to the supervisor, quality assurance administrator, and the community administrator in an accurate and timely manner
      4. Pursue avenues for additional services through private, local, state, and federal sources

Job Requirements

Preferred Experience:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree required: concentration in Social Work, Psychology, Counseling, or Public Health preferred
    2. Knowledge of the immigration procedures and issues
    3. Experience with employment assistance, homelessness, mental illness, chemical dependency and disabilities.
    4. Bi-lingual, speaks both Spanish and English ideal.
    5. Demonstrates working knowledge of services available in the community, with particular knowledge of services that are provided for the population living in the facility
    6. Good communication, writing, problem solving, and organizational skills
    7. Experience building relationships with service providers, community institutions, and government agencies
    8. Ability to establish trust, listen, and assist residents in defining their problems, while identifying possible solutions and resources and helping residents decide the best course of action
    9. Ability to seek input from residents, research possible service vendors, evaluate services delivered and make adjustments, if needed
    10. Demonstrates ability to advocate, organize, problem solve and provide results for residents served
    11. Function effectively in an environment with diverse cultures, multiple perspectives, and competing needs
    12. Demonstrate a commitment to recognizing residents’ knowledge and experience as a valuable resource
    13. Experience with managing volunteers
    14. Proficient with MS Office ( i.e. Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook)
    15. Able to work with people with mental health, disability, substance abuse, legal, and financial issues.



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